The Terracea Story

We call New Hampshire our home, and can’t think of many places better than The Granite State for bringing our jackets to life. Mountains, lakes, streams, and ocean coastlines all meet in this East Coast mecca for outdoor recreation, and these playgrounds are the driving force behind the inspiration that breathes life into every item that leaves our doors.

Terracea (pronounced Teh·ruh·cee·ah) was born from the idea that winter gear should be exceptional on the slopes – yet still be functional enough to keep up as you move through any type of adventure. Whether that be a winter summit push or an icy New England commute, your jacket should work as hard as you do instead of being reserved for a single occasion. 

To us, designing the perfect jacket means something different – we want our gear to stand out more for not being noticed than for being the focus of your day. We pour hours into maximizing the comfort, stretch, and utility of our gear with the idea of being your silent partner on deep powder days, and bitter cold commutes alike.

Our headquarters sit a stone’s throw away from both the mountains and a countless number of the lakes, rivers, and beaches that dot our state. This ideal location has inspired us to truly be with the elements – not just physically, but as our core philosophy as a company. It drives the way we design our products and shapes our ethics towards people and the planet. Terracea isn't about battling the elements, but being prepared and excited to experience them throughout all seasons.

We develop gear for the modern outdoors-person – the one who is counting down the days until ski season, yet needs a jacket that also keeps up on cold New England city days. We strive to break down the barriers of what it means to be an outdoor brand, and create gear that offers balance throughout each aspect of your life.

Quality & Mindfulness

In our pursuit to make the perfect jackets and pants, we hired only the best design & development professionals to work with. Our talented design team develops and tests gear for use in all outdoor conditions. We partner exclusively with one of highest end outdoor apparel factories in Vietnam for our manufacturing needs. Our design team is always look to improve, refine, and optimize, and are continually seeking a balanced approach of what’s needed to meet our customer’s challenges with what they’ll actually recognize value from. 

Our People & Our Planet

As a growing brand, we are striving to prioritize sustainable practices in the foundation of who we are. For us, this translates into a thoughtful design process that leaves no stone unturned when considering the impact our jackets have on the Earth.

Our goal is to find harmony between producing jackets that minimize our burden on the planet while still holding true to our mission of designing a reliable and functional piece of gear for our customers. In pursuit of this balance, we work with a number of BlueSign approved vendors, are a member of 1% For the Planet which donates a portion of our annual profits back into Earth-friendly programs, prioritize using recycled fabric where possible – like Primaloft Silver Eco Oeko-Tex Certified Insulation – and are making the switch from C6 to C0 DWR which breaks down faster after being discarded and does not linger in the environment.

In addition, we continually strive to create versatile and reliable gear, who’s lifespan can stretch across multiple generations of owners. The idea is to design a jacket that can be seamlessly used through multiple types of adventures and needs to be replaced less frequently, which in turn eliminates the environmental costs that come with increased production, like water, energy, waste, and shipping impacts. For customers who prefer to have the latest-and-greatest, we donate gently used gear through our Terracea Gives program that not only gives new life to discarded gear, but supports underrepresented communities in the process.

With all this being said, we fully recognize that we are not perfect. Each production season brings new opportunities for us to improve our sustainability efforts, and we already have a number of exciting changes for next season that are aimed at being kinder to the Earth. We welcome any feedback or suggestions from our customers as we continually strive to become greener in all aspects of our process, and support the Earth for generations of outdoors enthuasts to come.