Our Promise

At Terracea, we are firm believers in conducting business with integrity. Our compass is fixed on five main principles:


We stay true to our roots, our mission and our customer. We're real people, with real passions, who really believe in the products we sell. We also don't take ourselves too seriously because where's the fun in that?


We see our company as a platform for positive change and inspiration. When someone entrusts us with their business, we embrace the opportunity to not only deliver an exceptional experience, but to treat people like...people.


Our business has grown because we truly listen to our customers. Your feedback, good, bad and indifferent, helps us to deliver a better product and experience. We are committed to listening and improving, always.


Everything that bears our name is something we are proud to wear ourselves. We promise to uphold our standards so you can be as confident in our products as we are. 


We believe customers should be able to connect with the brands they love. We embody a spirit of openness and transparency because that's what keeps us close to you, our customers. We are accessible, and always take your feedback to heart. That's a promise.