Supporting Like-Minded Missions


We recognize that many youth lack the opportunities that we had to explore the outdoors due to a variety of social and economic circumstances. We feel that everyone deserves those chances and that young people, especially, can benefit from a greater understanding of and appreciation for the outdoors. Because the Appalachian Mountain Club's Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to helping youth learn about and enjoy the outdoors, we continue to support the YOP through jacket donations and other means.



We were fortunate to be chosen as the official jacket sponsor for Spartan Race staff and officiants for the 2018 Iceland Ultra Championship n Reykjavik. Spartan Race chose our Men’s and Women’s insulated jackets due to their durability, comfort and overall ability to withstand the cold Icelandic winds and frigid overnight temperatures during the 24-hour outdoor race. Spartan staff members were impressed by how warm our insulated jackets were, and several of the race staff officiants praised the light weight and lack of dampness thanks to synthetic insulation. As a true test of character in the face of harsh winter elements, we are proud to report that our jackets stood up to the challenge.


We are proud to support the Odyssey School of Denver, a Denver Public Charter School based on the Expeditionary Learning educational model. There are more than 160 Expeditionary Learning schools nationally – located in both urban and rural areas that seek to teach students how to learn through a focus on academic achievement, critical thinking and social responsibility, preparing them for high school and beyond.


“Terracea was incredibly supportive of our school's program by providing a variety of outerwear jackets for our students to use on our adventure education based trips in Colorado. Since receiving the Lightweight jackets, some of our students and staff who do not have access to high quality outdoor gear have been more comfortable taking risks to grow their leadership potential and positive life habits knowing their clothing is dependable in tough weather conditions. Terracea went above and beyond to help our kids stay warm and dry, which in turn leads to a better and safer learning environment."

-Ben Hoffman, Director of Adventure Programming
The Odyssey School of Denver