About Us


Inspired by the frigid, icy Nor’Easters of New England, we set out to craft a jacket that was better. With uncompromising comfort, top-notch material, and thoughtful design, we build gear to help you live a life without limits.

When it comes to the weather in New England, there’s only one constant: inconsistency. We hail from New Hampshire, where it can go from sun, to snow, and back again all before noon. We realized we needed outerwear that could handle that kind of unpredictability. We couldn’t find it, so we made it.

What we made was good. Really good. After a resounding success on Kickstarter, we realized that there was a serious appetite for jackets that were truly versatile. We combined this blend of performance, form, and function to make new and improved models, listening to our customers to understand how we could make a good thing even better. We’re proud of the gear we make, and we use it ourselves each and every day. We certainly hope you will too.




We’re real people, with real passions! We get out and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and encourage you to do the same.



The word Terracea means “Earth Solution”. We are deeply committed to being responsible citizens of our planet. Enjoy the outdoors and leave it better than you found them.



We see our company as a platform for positive change and inspiration. When someone entrusts us with their business, we embrace the opportunity to not only deliver an exceptional experience, but to treat people like…people.