Terracea was founded in the search of the perfect jacket. Our mission has always been to create best in class outerwear without sacrificing day to day functionality. Not only do we pride ourselves in making some of the most progressive technical outerwear in the industry, but we embrace our "hybrid" philosophy of designing products that can also function through all aspects of cold-weather life. 

With our name meaning “Earth Solutions”, our products are made versatile enough to meet today’s diverse weather standards. Our cutting-edge fabric and material technology has been proven in the worst conditions that mother nature could throw at us, and our products are tested heavily across a spectrum of environments for quality and reliability.

We are also strong believers in the idea that good products can always be made better, and strive to to constantly improve, refine and optimize.

*Picture taken at Killington resort (VT) on a product field testing day


Founder Story

Born in Hawaii, founder Eric Hui now lives in New Hampshire with his family. During his first few winter months living in Boston as a student, he developed a fascination with the cold and how to stay warm outdoors during winter. With a newfound passion for snow, Eric worked tirelessly on improving and adding innovative features to his sole ski jacket that he wore each day to work. He takes a pragmatic and utilitarian approach towards outerwear design and a casual and optimistic approach towards life.



Design & Development

We work exclusively with the incredibly talented team at WERX Design on all of our technical apparel projects.


"We are constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of features, techniques, and materials. We have a deep appreciation for heritage craftsmanship, and strive to bring that same level of detail to technical performance apparel & gear."