Purpose-built performance apparel for any scenario

"The outdoors begin the moment you step outside your front door."

Whether it’s going up mountains or stepping outside your home on a cold winter morning, being prepared for the outdoors is a significant message that resonates with us here at Terracea. In today’s ever changing and unpredictable world, outdoor apparel just has to make sense. Our goal is to create the best apparel solutions for any environment, that will perform for any situation wherever you are or whatever you are doing.
From our beginnings as a snowsports apparel design company, our mission has always been to develop the highest quality outerwear and outdoor gear rooted in pragmatic performance, functionality and technical innovation. We place a strong emphasis on blending elements of aesthetic, fit and utilitarianism into all of our designs, and our finished products will always be worth their value to you. We firmly believe that outdoor apparel should provide the following benefits: 
  • Confidence created by a thoughtful fit
  • Liberation from self-doubt through thoughtful details
  • The right performance level to meet the day
  • Comfort and versatility that also enables resiliency

We’d also love to welcome you as both a community member as well as a potential collaborator with Terracea as we continue to grow and evolve as a company. We are always looking to improve, refine, and optimize our products, and strive to reach what’s needed to meet customer challenges with what people will actually recognize value from.

TL:DR - We create pragmatic performance apparel that eliminates self-doubt and enables you to confidently explore the different worlds that we all live in or travel to.