About Us

Creating earth-inspired apparel that strengthens your inspiration to explore the outdoors.

We all share a mutual appreciation for the outdoors.

The quiet solitude of being in nature.
The unpredictability of the elements.
The thrill of testing your endurance.
The excitement and uncertainty of new adventures.

We believe everyone's adventure is their own — because each one of us experiences the outdoors differently.

Our passions challenge us to be bold in many environments. We needed apparel that was tailor-made for uncertainty. Yet, we struggled to find the ideal fusion of performance and transitional style. So, we instead set out to create a new class of apparel.

Our name - Terracea, means ‘Earth Solution' — it represents our relentless pursuit of performance, comfort, and adaptability for an ever changing world. To help you navigate, we’re determined to build apparel that’s inspired by what drives your journey. Terracea exists to push you further, and strengthen your inspiration to explore the outdoors.

This is Terracea: Your Earth. Your Solution.


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Inspired by our ever-changing world, we design clothing to embolden people to experience the outdoors with confidence.


We are deeply committed to being responsible citizens of our planet. Enjoy the outdoors and leave it better than you found them.


We see our company as a platform for positive change and inspiration. When someone entrusts us with their business, we embrace the opportunity to not only deliver an exceptional experience, but to treat people like…people.