The Terracea Women's Huntington Insulated Jacket is both stylish for outdoor sports and high performing in cold, wet and windy weather. Stay warm and snug when you wear it downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboarding or even ice skating outdoors. It also keeps you comfortable on a city commute and pairs well with everyday casual wear!

Model shown is 5'7" ~115lbs and wearing a Women's Medium.

Dark Green



Size Chart

Chest Range  Diameter of the chest, measured 1" below the arm pit and straight across the chest, around the back. 
Waist Range – Diameter of the waist, measured around the narrowest part of the midsection. Generally just below the bottom ribs. 
Bottom Hem  Diameter of the bottom hem of the jacket, measured right above bottom hem line. 
Sleeve Length  Distance measured from the bottom center (nape) of the neck, straight across the shoulder, and down the relaxed arm (with elbow slightly bent) to the wrist.
Back Length  Distance measured down the back of the jacket from the bottom center (nape) of the neck to the end of the bottom hem.