Terracea, Redefined.

May 16, 2019 2 min read

Terracea, Redefined.

Most of New England snow is melted. Most ski slopes shut down for the season (except we hear Killington is still holding tight in VT!) And while many of you are waiting for your favorite seasonal activities to change, we’re thinking about this theme of change and renewal differently. Just this week, we will have launched our new branding—made over both visually, with a new logo and website, and with a brand identify that we are making our own.

While many brands have been developing crossover products and releasing lines of apparel that can blend in with city and nature, our entire company—from the founder’s original inspiration to our designers’ every creation of versatile features—is dedicated to this idea of multipurpose technical clothing that fits our urban-to-outdoor adventures, Monday to Sunday.

We design collections for classic, modern looks that can blend in style and keep you comfortable with any occasion from your city commute to your mountain trips. Then we choose only quality, durable fabrics that are tested to perform in the cold, wind and wet weather. Finally, we bring them to you with the best of style, comfort and practicality—all in an environmentally mindful process to keep you moving the way your lifestyle does.

This summer, we’re also working hard to bring you an exciting new collection. As we grow and refine our products, we’re listening to you, our customers and our like-minded friends, to create apparel you’ll be wearing for a long, long time. You know that one jacket you that goes everywhere you go? We want to deliver that to your door. Check out our FW19 Assembly Collection and sign up to be the first to know when our next limited-edition jackets are ready for sale.

Until then, thanks for getting to know Terracea and sharing our brand. Onward and upward!


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