How Do You U2O?

April 04, 2019 2 min read

How Do You U2O?

Haven’t you heard? Outdoorsy has had a makeover. Many times. Gone are the days when the term applied to people who gut their own fish, own camping equipment and can light fire with two sticks. Today’s outdoorsmen and women don’t need an ice axe and gear so specialized for surviving in the South Pole. Outdoorsy means different things to different people doing all different kinds of activities out of doors. And above all, that outside space doesn’t always have to refer to places you can hear your own echo—although who doesn’t love that once in a while.

The great outdoors by modern standards isn’t just the wilderness. There’s a good-better-best range from a rooftop deck in Brooklyn to a beachfront porch in Portland to a perch on a summit in the middle of the Rockies. Find a slice of sky and a patch of chlorophyll and somebody somewhere is relishing that as a nature fix. In other words, modern outdoorsiness is the kind that moves with you versus you using a map and compass to find it. That’s what U2O is all about—the ability to camouflage your same life whether you’re in the city or in the woods. “Urban 2 outdoors” reflects how we navigate from sidewalks to summits as the multidimensional people that we all are.

Here are 10 things we thought about that went into creating our U2O mantra:

  1. “Live urban. Love outdoors.” blurs the lines between work, play, sports and social life.
  2. U2O puts the YOU in our brand.
  3. It tells our own story of weekdays in Boston and weekends in the White Mountains.
  4. It had two sides and many meanings. We can live U2O as a lifestyle. And create U2O as an experience.
  5. Urban-2-Outdoor apparel hints at a transition and a movement which, to us, means both an activity and an uprising.
  6. The term “outdoorsy” doesn’t necessarily capture style.
  7. The new “athleisure” sounds like style without the sweat.
  8. Lumbersexual? We didn’t want to touch that.
  9. “Crossover sounds like a gender identity (plus the automotive market had dibs.)
  10. “Earthy” seems to always be fused to “crunchy” and we are not necessarily granola. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Urban 2 Outdoor or U2O captures everything we are and everything we want to inspire. The best part is, it captures a spectrum all of you are still defining. We put it out there, and now we’re listening. So tell us in the comments, how do you U2O? We’d really like to know how you see it.

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